Matmi support for our iPhone Apps
General Support Advice

Please refer to the Help screen within the application for instructions on how to play the game.

If you have a specific issue with one of our apps please email with a complete description. Please specify your device type, operating system and capacity when emailing. Thank you.


Monster Pinball

Nokia version 1
Preparing for release

iPhone version 2.1
No known issues



Multiball Pinball

No known issues



Multiball Pinball HD (Previously called 'Multiball Pinball Super') for iPad

NOW AVAILABLE - no known issues :)

Currently removed from sale pending update. Testing was limited due to iPad exclusivity and vital functional errors were missed.
Update now expected mid June. Sorry everyone - we are at apples mercy and we want to get it right.



Ho Ho Ho! Yellow Snow Deluxe!

No known issues




No known issues



Ice Road Pinball / Snowy's Christmas Pinball

No known issues
Switch themes by selecting Pinball in your iPhone settings


More info and FAQ's may be posted on this page soon.